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Support Our Troops

Memorial Day

Let us never forget the purpose of Memorial Day...To Honor those who fought and died to preserve, protect, and defend The United States of America.
And the assistance they have given to those around the world who are struggling against the forces of evil to gain their own freedom and live with dignity as we are so fortunate to do.

The New Jersey Korean War Memorial in Atlantic City, NJ

When you happen upon any of our servicemen or women, be sure to let them know how much you
appreciate their sacrifice and that you support them.

If you know of a UA 322 Member who is currently serving in the Military, please contact the Union Hall at 609-567-3322.

If you know someone in the Military be sure to send them a letter or postcard from time to time, and maybe a photo or two from home. They will surely thank you for it.

Please note that  according to Marine Corps Postal Officials it takes about 7 to 10 days for mail to be delivered to deployed Marines. And roughly the same amount of time for the other service branches

Letters and packages must be sent to a specific service member. The United States Postal Service will not accept items addressed to "Any Service Member" or other umbrella addresses.

The government is not accepting mail from the general public to service members for two reasons: logistics and security. The military postal system does not have the capacity to screen for safety and process the tons of mail normally generated by Any Service Member mail. To add to the difficulty, bona fide mail from family and friends may be delayed by the volume of mail.